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Creating digital media

One of the main aspects of my new job is to produce video lectures for the Centre’s online and blended programmes. In my previous role I had experience of recording and editing screencasts to support my own teaching, and had been involved in planning the filming of the Get Started videos. However, I had never taken a video project through from planning to production before.

The discrete nature of the task is something that I particularly like about video production. The work I did in libraries was often ongoing development or maintenance, so it’s nice to do something with a very definite ending and final product.

Getting to grips with the technical side of the production has been a steep, but enjoyable, learning curve. I have been grateful for the well documented processes already in existence within the team as well as the excellent resources provided by JISC Digital Media.

Here’s a quick outline of our process:

  • record video of an academic delivering their lecture in front of a green screen
  • at the same time the lecture slides are being recorded using Camtasia
  • use chroma key composition to combine the two recordings
  • apply some general edits to the audio and video
  • produce the final version of the lecture to post on the VLE

I’ve found when I tell people about my new job the video production is the element that they latch on to. I think that’s because when you get to the part about the green screen it sounds like you’re in the movies. The image above isn’t too far off the setup we’ve got in our makeshift recording studio. A new business school building is due to open in the next couple of months and with this we’ll be moving to a custom built media room. I’m looking forward to getting a look around that soon.

For those of you interested in the final product, here’s an example of one of our video lectures (this one is not created by me though):

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