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Currently aware

In his post for thing 4 David Green proudly proclaims Fact: RSS and Twitter are my top 2 favourite things on the Internet And you know what? I whole heartedly agree with him. In fact I may just stop this post here because there’s little I can add to what he has already said. But that would be lazy, so here’s my take on the Internet’s top 2.   by  williamedia  Twitter My name is Emma and I am a Twitter addict. And for the record I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. Since I started using Twitter properly, and [...]

Making the web work for you

Last week Jess and I ran a session called ‘Making the web work for you’ as part of a seminar series for researchers. The aim of the session was to introduce researchers to some online tools for finding and managing information. We covered the following: RSS feeds start pages search alerts table of contents alerts blogs Twitter social bookmarking The session had fairly poor attendance with only 3 of the 6 who had booked actually turning up. If we run it again we need to think more about how we market it to ensure researchers see the relevance of these [...]

Please update your feed

I’m taking a quick blogging break from Library Day in the Life to beg a favour from you. I have just put the RSS feed for this blog through Feedburner. If you are an exisiting subscriber could you please update your feed to this brand spanking new one. It will take just 1 minute of your time. Why I didn’t do it when I moved from to I do not know, it would have made life a whole lot easier.

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