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Thing 23 – The End

Thing 23: Summarise your thoughts on the 23 Things programme As one of the organisers of Oxford’s 23 Things programme I have had a very different experience from the majority of participants. For most this programme has only been running for 12 weeks but for us it started in November with the initial planning stages. The then Deputy Manager of Staff Development, Laura Wilkinson, was the mastermind behind the programme. She did the majority of the work planning the logistics of the programme and then the topics were split between the 23 Things Team (5 of us in total), each [...]

Things 21 & 22 – Widgets

Thing 21: Use a gadget to display your Flickr photostream on your blog Thing 22: Use a widget to put your Delicious bookmarks on your iGoogle page I already have my Flickr photostream displaying on my blog. For this I use Flickriver primarily because its simple style fits in better with my theme. I didn’t previously have my Delicious bookmarks on my iGoogle page, although they are in my blog’s sidebar, so I have now added them. I’m really pleased that this topic was chosen for the penultimate tasks of the 23 Things programme. For a couple of years now [...]

Things 19 & 20 – Office 2.0

Thing 19: Create a Google Document and share it. Thing 20: Sign in to ThinkFree Office and try its Write application. I will not hide the fact that I LOVE Google Documents. I use it on a regular basis to work on documents as I move around my various computers. For me the best thing about it however is the ease with which you can create forms. I have set up two for the 23 Things programme alone, the first for registrations and lately the one for completion. This year I have also used it to create a booking form [...]

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