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Activity tracking for #libday8

As I explained in my introductory Library Day in the Life post for round 8 I have been keeping a detailed record of my work activities. My aim was to use this record of an average week to see if some estimates I had made previously (for how I spend my time over a term) were anywhere near accurate. The charts below show the percentage of time I spent on various activities that were identified as the main tasks of an Academic Support Librarian. The first chart shows the time I spent on each activity during the past week. The second chart [...]

Library Day in the Life – Round 8

Every time I have participated in Library Day in the Life I have taken a different approach to it: Round 2 – detailed accounts of my day Round 3 – summaries of my day Round 4 – daily summaries with pictures Round 5 – daily summaries based on my to do list Round 6 – videos! After the videos of round 6 I clearly felt I’d reached my peak and didn’t participate last time around. For round 8 I’m getting back into the game and have yet another new approach. This time I won’t be posting daily, instead I have [...]

Library Day in the Life – Round 6, Day 5

And so here it is, my final video for this round of Library Day in the Life. Today we have a guest appearance from Jem and a terrible transition between takes.

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