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My public library experience

Today I read the news that libraries in my hometown of Peterborough will have their hours cut in order to make savings to the council budget. Following Ange Fitzpatrick’s lead I thought I’d write about my own public library experience. My story begins in Werrington Library which is sadly one of those affected by the cuts in Peterborough. When I think back I can paint a pretty life-like picture of the library in my mind. We’d arrive and lock up our bikes under the overhanging brick entrance. I always thought the main entrance to the building was rather sinister, no [...]

One year at Warwick

Today I have been in my current job – Academic Support Librarian for Business at the University of Warwick – for one year. What better way to celebrate than with a cake? by¬† Caro Wallis I’m in quite a reflective mood and so decided to write this blog post about what I’ve done this year and where I am professionally one year on. Starting at this point in the academic year proved to be really helpful. Enquiries die down a bit in term 3 so I wasn’t too overwhelmed during the first couple of months and then I had the [...]

Wellington Central Library

Recently I have come to realise that I can’t go on holiday without visiting a library in the area that I am staying. What can I say, I’m drawn to them. I find it’s always a useful experience to see what is going on in different libraries. I’ve just come back from a few weeks in New Zealand and my library of choice on this trip was Wellington Central Library, one of the Wellington City Libraries. One thing that I was immediately impressed with was the use of space. It is fairly open plan but the choice and placement of [...]

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