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Making an impact with the BLA

The Business Librarians Association (BLA) conference is one of the highlights of my year at work. I’ve been to three so far and they get better year after year. This year’s conference was held in Sheffield from the 13-15 July. The theme was “Making an impact: demonstrating value”. As a member of the BLA committee my conference starts a day earlier than most delegates with a final committee meeting at the venue. At this meeting we run through the programme for the next few days and divide up the remaining jobs. The final task is to make up the delegates [...]

Social media and the academy (part 2)

This is the second post on the Fifth Bloomsbury Conference on ePublishing and ePublications. The topic was Social Media and the Academy. Details of the context of the conference and the early sessions can be found in part one. 3. Examples of the use of social media by scholars In this session four scholars from different disciplines told us how they use social media in their research. First was Claire Ross from UCL speaking about humanists and social media. She spoke of two Digital Humanities initiatives that are using social media to expand discussion of the subject: Digital Humanities Now [...]

Personalised Library Services in Higher Education

Last week I attended a symposium on Personalised Library Services in Higher Education. It was run by Andy Priestner (Library and Information Centre Manager, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge) and Libby Tilley (Librarian, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge). Andy and Libby had an article, Boutique libraries at your service, published in CILIP Update last year and were subsequently commissioned by Ashgate to edit a book on the same topic. The purpose of the symposium was to explore the boutique model which had been set out in the article and develop ideas around the themes of each chapter. The [...]

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