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For thing 2 I looked at a handful of blogs from the list of participants on Delicious. How did I choose which blogs from the many to go to? Well, it’s all in the name for me. I did however try not to go to too many UK blogs, as I see the global reach of this programme a great benefit. I also tried not to pick too many academic librarians. Of the 20 or so blogs I looked at I commented on four and I will be subscribing to their RSS feeds to follow their progress through the programme. [...]

Ding ding, round 3

Over the next few months I will be participating in the CPD23 programme, 23 Things for Professional Development. Whilst the tasks that I complete as part of this will form the bulk of content on this blog over the summer I will also try to post additional stuff too. I did consider setting up a separate blog but as I use this blog as a reflection tool for my CPD already it seemed foolish to separate the two. This is the third time I will be taking part in a 23 things programme, but this time there are some key [...]

Top 10 Library Related Blogs

I have 43 subscriptions in my “Information + Libraries” folder in GoogleReader. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about dropping a few as I am finding that more and more the unread items are building up. I’m sure I can cut it down simply by taking out a few that are no longer being updated but that doesn’t sort out the mountain of unread items. So the actual number of subscriptions doesn’t matter it’s the frequency at which they are updated. Should I then just drop the prolific authors? Surely not if the content they’re posting is [...]

Better Tag Cloud