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Creating and monitoring your online identity

“I’m Stuart Baggs ‘The Brand’ – I’ve got a certain type of charisma.” Whenever I think of personal brands Stuart Baggs, a recent participant on The Apprentice, pops in to my mind. Unfortunately this has a negative effect – what I see in Stuart is not charisma, but arrogance. Therefore linking the two makes me really dislike the idea of a personal brand. Instead I prefer to call it my online identity. Jo’s post for this week’s thing asks us to consider four elements of our identity, and I will address each one in turn below. Name used When I [...]


For thing 2 I looked at a handful of blogs from the list of participants on Delicious. How did I choose which blogs from the many to go to? Well, it’s all in the name for me. I did however try not to go to too many UK blogs, as I see the global reach of this programme a great benefit. I also tried not to pick too many academic librarians. Of the 20 or so blogs I looked at I commented on four and I will be subscribing to their RSS feeds to follow their progress through the programme. [...]

Ding ding, round 3

Over the next few months I will be participating in the CPD23 programme, 23 Things for Professional Development. Whilst the tasks that I complete as part of this will form the bulk of content on this blog over the summer I will also try to post additional stuff too. I did consider setting up a separate blog but as I use this blog as a reflection tool for my CPD already it seemed foolish to separate the two. This is the third time I will be taking part in a 23 things programme, but this time there are some key [...]

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