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Activity tracking for #libday8

As I explained in my introductory Library Day in the Life post for round 8 I have been keeping a detailed record of my work activities. My aim was to use this record of an average week to see if some estimates I had made previously (for how I spend my time over a term) were anywhere near accurate. The charts below show the percentage of time I spent on various activities that were identified as the main tasks of an Academic Support Librarian. The first chart shows the time I spent on each activity during the past week. The second chart [...]

Library Day in the Life – Round 8

Every time I have participated in Library Day in the Life I have taken a different approach to it: Round 2 – detailed accounts of my day Round 3 – summaries of my day Round 4 – daily summaries with pictures Round 5 – daily summaries based on my to do list Round 6 – videos! After the videos of round 6 I clearly felt I’d reached my peak and didn’t participate last time around. For round 8 I’m getting back into the game and have yet another new approach. This time I won’t be posting daily, instead I have [...]

Get Started

Over the summer I wrote a post about ideas for library inductions following a very successful workshop on the topic. It has become the most visited post on this blog and so, now that induction season is upon us, I thought I’d write a follow-up about what we’re doing at Warwick. Library orientation has always been a library-wide project with staff from all teams getting involved in the delivery. The overall organisation however has been overseen by staff from the Enquiry Support Team. This year things have been different, an Induction Planning Group was formed to gain input from across [...]

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